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In the depth of the heart, many of us desire to rise above the pettiness of everyday life or our own indifference, through which it becomes difficult to perceive the essential things that truly matter.


However, to some of us, these essential things are naturally a significant part of everyday life.


Such was Kristupas Gutauskas – a talented person, a gifted doctor, an oral surgeon, having successfully kickstarted his scientific activities. 


Kristupas spent five years studying Dental Medicine at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry. His unending thirst for knowledge kept surprising his teachers and peers alike. Proactiveness and various non-academic activities have always been an important part of Kristupas’ life, but have never become an obstacle in his academic endeavours and in his pursue of extraordinary educational achievements. Even though taking the first steps in the field of science may be quite daunting and, not to mention, difficult for a junior student, Kristupas prepared his first scientific paper when he was just a second-year student, and became one of the winners at an international student health sciences conference. Kristupas continued his activities by presenting a number of researches at Lithuanian and international scientific conferences for students every year. In 2014, he presented an outstanding paper that placed first in the plenary session of the Scientific Student Society of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Kristupas not only participated in scientific activities, but also acted as the Chair of the Maxillofacial Surgery Club of the Scientific Student Society of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.


Not surprisingly, the exceptional intellectuality of Kristupas, who was taking his very first steps into the world of science, garnered the attention of Prof. Dr. Med. Sebastian Kühl, who offered Kristupas a possibility to intern at the University Hospital of Basel (Switzerland). As an intern, Kristupas carried out a significant scientific research, and his article on it was covered by the Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants, a word-renowned scientific journal.


As with everything he did in life, Kristupas was diligent and highly responsible both in his academic activities and with his patients, all of whom felt his sincerity, competence and professional ethics. Dr. Kristupas Gutauskas received numerous recommendations and words of gratitude for his professional demeanor, unwavering attention and kind heart. 


Sadly, his graduation from Vilnius University as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon came almost together with the devastating news: leukemia.


Two long and hard years of fighting the disease and its complications fundamentally changed Kristupas’ life. The strength and power of Kristupas spirit helped him endure this grave disease. The weaker he felt, the stronger he relied on faith, and this determined his response to life changes. Kristupas saw the meaning of life in his all-encompassing love, which he continued to express as much as health allowed by caring for his patients. He continued  participating in conferences and professional development courses, and always wished to share and pass on his knowledge. As a young and perspective specialist, Kristupas was invited to deliver a presentation at the Straumann Forum 2019 together with some of the best Lithuanian dentists in the field.


Kristupas has always had many dreams and specific milestones he wished to achieve. On his sixteenth birthday he wrote a letter projecting himself in the future, describing himself and his achievements by the thirtieth anniversary. He had a vision of running a modern dental practice where he would work alongside his friends and peers, professional and devoted doctors, ensuring their patients experienced no anxiety, fear or pain. Yet, perhaps his most extraordinary idea about the clinic was about devoting one entire day per week for pro bono treatments of people with financial difficulties. Kristupas continued to nurture this vision as a doctor. He strongly believed that his friends and colleagues would support this idea and share their knowledge, precious time and hard work with those who needed it the most. Kristupas himself was known to be very generous. He rejoiced in every opportunity to share his good will with his friends and homeless people forsaken by destiny alike.  He knew how to be subtle and help them without demeaning their dignity and never once asked for something in return. 


Perhaps just for love…


Kristupas dreamed of a family, home, of how he will raise children…


By his thirtieth anniversary... 

However, there will be thirty no more. Sad as it is, Kristupas will forever remain twenty-nine on this Earth. But it is our genuine endeavour to make his legacy endure and his dreams come true. Kristupas Gutauskas Foundation has been established to help many young specialists pursue their professional ambitions with a little help from all of us, who loved Kristupas, admired his work, and who miss him. The Foundation aims to unite the hearts for this noble work in the name of the memory of Kristupas, who loved people, life and freedom.


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